Baby Girl

Annora | Guilford, Connecticut Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

This sweet little girl, Annora, joined me in the studio with her amazing mummy and daddy! She was just the most adorably, cuddly little sweetie. I adored my time with her! She is also one loved little girl! Her family sounds amazing and she is so lucky to get to grow up with all of them to spoil her! Annora loved being curled up in a little ball, and it was so funny watching her. 

Annora's newborn session almost didn't happen. Her family had just made a move to Guilford, and were in the midst of a major house renovation. Life was (and probably still is, on a completely different level) crazy for her mummy and daddy. I'm so glad they decided to book anyway, even with everything they had going on. Life can get crazy in the moment, but newborn portraits are priceless, and those tiny, baby days are fleeting. Now for her sweet images... 

Sofia's One Year Cake Smash & Bubble Bath Session | Branford, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

I first met Sofia and her amazing family for her newborn session last year. Then I got to see her again at 7 months. Sofia is part of our AG Baby Plan and I adore watching babies grow up in front of my lens. It's amazing every time I see Sofia she just gets bigger, smarter and more adorable. For her session we wanted some outdoor images to capture the fall colors. But it was a little chilly so we did the bubble bath portion inside. It worked out perfectly. She was a rockstar! 

The AG Baby Plan allows parents to capture their little ones at various milestones. It includes a session at the age they are sitting (around 6-7 months old) then also at 1 year for a cake smash and bubble bath. It also includes a family session around 18 months. You can join the AG Baby Plan after your newborn session with us. 

Here are some of my favorites of Sofia. It was so hard to narrow it down! She is just too darn cute. 

If you'd like to capture your baby's next milestone, or you want to update your family portraits... contact me! I'd love to meet you! |

Stella | Connecticut Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Stella's newborn session was one of my favorites. She was just the sweetest little baby and her big sister was amazing! Big sister listened so well and followed directions amazingly well for her age. I seriously could have kept both girlies in my studio for hours. We were able to account for daddy's work schedule too, and we did the family portion of the newborn session in the beginning so he could leave work for just a bit and quickly get back. It worked perfectly! He was able to be included, then afterwards there was no rushing, and the rest of the session was laid-back for Stella. 

It's no secret I love sibling portraits. The ones we got from this session were among some of my favorites I've ever captured. It makes my heart so happy that I can create these memories to last families a lifetime. I just love my job! 


Ruth | Guilford, CT Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet, sweet Ruth came to visit me and oh my goodness I was in love! She was just so adorable, and a rockstar sleeper. She let me do so much with her! I could have played with her all day. Her mommy, daddy and big brother also came to visit me, and what an amazing family they are! I'm so lucky to be able to meet such nice people.  I truly have the best job in the world, and adore photographing new little ones! There is nothing more important to me than capturing the bonds between families, and being there for their big milestones, and everything in between. The birth of a new baby is such a momentous occasion, and it's filled with such love and emotion. I do not take that task lightly. It is so humbling to me to be able to provide these memories! 

Back to Ruth though. Can we talk about her adorable beauty mark? I couldn't handle it the whole session! As if she wasn't cute enough!! And her big brother had me completely smitten. 

Are you expecting a new little baby and would like to capture those first few weeks? Contact me! I'd love to meet you! Family and sibling portraits are always included for newborn sessions! |

Aiden | Connecticut Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet Aiden and his family came to visit me at my studio in Guilford. I adored this little guy, and his mommy and daddy love him so much! He is just the sweetest little thing, and his big fur-brother puppy came to visit us as well for a few images of the two of them together. I'm so excited we got to incorporate the family doggie in some images, as he was their first "baby" before Aiden came along. 

Aiden's mommy wanted nautical theme for some images, so we incorporated some blue and white colors, as well as my cute boat prop! Aiden totally rocked it all! I could have photographed this little guy all day, he was such a dream. And their family images, well... they might be some of my favorite family images ever. I mean seriously... he smiled in like half of them. I'm so glad they ordered a canvas of my favorite family image. :) 


All of these outfits, hats, blankets, and props (and many more!!!) are available in my studio located on Boston Post Road in Guilford, CT. Are you expecting a new little bundle of joy to add such lovely chaos to your family? Contact me! I'd love to capture it! |

Ava's One Year & Bubble Bath Session | Branford, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet Ava is part of the AG Baby Plan. Check out her 7 month session here! I love watching these babies grow up in front of my camera! Ava came to see me as a 7 month old, and now we just completed her one year session. This sweet girl gets cuter by the day, and her mommy and daddy are so awesome! Always doing anything they can to get her to smile. You can tell she is the center of their whole world, and they love her to pieces. 

Ava wasn't a fan of cake, so we chose to skip our usual cake smash. It worked out perfect, because she loved the bubble bath (after a few minutes) and totally rocked her bubble bath session! Milestone sessions are among my favorite sessions. Watching their personalities develop, and seeing how big they've grown is such an honor. I cannot wait for their family session at 18 months! 

And as always with the AG Baby Plan, clients have access to special products only available within this club! For our one year session, it's the fun bubble bath board (or cake smash board if you choose to do a cake smash)! My clients usually always choose to display their bubble bath images in their bathrooms. Perfect artwork for those hard-to-decorate walls! 

Is your family about to celebrate a milestone? Contact me! I'd love to meet you and make your day even more special! Whether it's a new baby, a 1st birthday or just to update your family portraits! |

Charlee & Ryder | Connecticut Twin Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

I love love love my twin newborn clients, and Charlee and Ryder were no different. Oh my goodness, they were the cutest things ever! I adored them! The bond between twins is unreal and  I am so blessed to be able to watch it unfold during our newborn portrait session. These little babies were the same weight when they were born, can you believe they were both seven pounds?! Sweet Charlee slept like a champ for her session and Ryder wanted to play for a bit at the end, but they completely spoiled me! 

I am so excited I've been able to work with more multiples this year. I love everything about them. This is why I am offering FREE newborn sessions to any twin, triplet or beyond mama's out there. This means no session fee! 

Seriously though, here are two of the cutest boy/girl twins I've seen. I tried really hard to narrow down my favorites, but it was nearly impossible! 

During a twin session we will always focus on the bond of the twins themselves, and making sure to capture the babies together. But we also focus on capturing each individual twin as a separate entity. So every multiples session includes portraits of the twins/triplets... as a set, but also each individual baby. And as with any newborn session booked with Ashley Grace Photography, family and sibling portraits are always included in any full session! There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a new mama or daddy with their precious babies! 

So if you are expecting a singleton, twins, triplets or beyond... contact me! I'd love to meet you and capture your first moments as a family! |

Alexia | West Haven, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet, precious Alexia came to visit me in my studio in Guilford, Connecticut to celebrate her 1st birthday! She was the sweetest little thing. She reminded me so much of my daughter at her age. She was shy, and timid, but had such a personality on her! Alexia is a Daddy's girl for sure. Her poor Daddy had to dance and make silly faces for her to get her to smile. It was adorable what he would do to make his baby girl happy. 

Alexia wasn't too sure about the cake smash part of our session, but she love love loved the bubble bath part of it! She could have stayed in that tub all afternoon. She splashed, giggled, and laughed the whole time. And she sure loved those rubber duckies! 1st birthday cake smash and bubble bath sessions are some of my favorite sessions ever! These little people have such personality and are just a joy to photograph. 

If you have an important milestone coming up in your family, contact me! Whether it be a new birth, a first birthday or to update your family portraits. I'd love to meet you! |

Mia & Olivia | Guilford, CT Twin Newborn Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

These sweet twin baby girls came to visit me at my studio in Guilford. To say they were adorable is a complete understatement! They were the sweetest little things ever. I am so happy I got to meet them, and their awesome parents! Watching twins together is something that I could do all day long. The bond between them is awesome! They soothe each other, snuggle, kiss, eat each other's faces and hold hands. It melts your heart! 

Mia and Olivia were about a pound apart in weight, and were as different as night and day. Little Miss Mia was a super star sleeper! I barely saw her eyes the whole session, just for a little bit at the end of our session. Little Miss Olivia was a partier. She didn't want to miss anything. She was just the sweetest thing, and had the most soulful eyes! 

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