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Sofia's One Year Cake Smash & Bubble Bath Session | Branford, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

I first met Sofia and her amazing family for her newborn session last year. Then I got to see her again at 7 months. Sofia is part of our AG Baby Plan and I adore watching babies grow up in front of my lens. It's amazing every time I see Sofia she just gets bigger, smarter and more adorable. For her session we wanted some outdoor images to capture the fall colors. But it was a little chilly so we did the bubble bath portion inside. It worked out perfectly. She was a rockstar! 

The AG Baby Plan allows parents to capture their little ones at various milestones. It includes a session at the age they are sitting (around 6-7 months old) then also at 1 year for a cake smash and bubble bath. It also includes a family session around 18 months. You can join the AG Baby Plan after your newborn session with us. 

Here are some of my favorites of Sofia. It was so hard to narrow it down! She is just too darn cute. 

If you'd like to capture your baby's next milestone, or you want to update your family portraits... contact me! I'd love to meet you! 

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Ava's One Year & Bubble Bath Session | Branford, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet Ava is part of the AG Baby Plan. Check out her 7 month session here! I love watching these babies grow up in front of my camera! Ava came to see me as a 7 month old, and now we just completed her one year session. This sweet girl gets cuter by the day, and her mommy and daddy are so awesome! Always doing anything they can to get her to smile. You can tell she is the center of their whole world, and they love her to pieces. 

Ava wasn't a fan of cake, so we chose to skip our usual cake smash. It worked out perfect, because she loved the bubble bath (after a few minutes) and totally rocked her bubble bath session! Milestone sessions are among my favorite sessions. Watching their personalities develop, and seeing how big they've grown is such an honor. I cannot wait for their family session at 18 months! 

And as always with the AG Baby Plan, clients have access to special products only available within this club! For our one year session, it's the fun bubble bath board (or cake smash board if you choose to do a cake smash)! My clients usually always choose to display their bubble bath images in their bathrooms. Perfect artwork for those hard-to-decorate walls! 

Is your family about to celebrate a milestone? Contact me! I'd love to meet you and make your day even more special! Whether it's a new baby, a 1st birthday or just to update your family portraits! 

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Charlie's Smash Cake & Bubble Bath Session! | Shoreline Connecticut Child Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet Charlie came to celebrate his 1st birthday with me! He was such an amazing little guy. So smiley, and so full of personality. He had such a sense of humor on him! So serious at times, then burst into laughing! I had so much fun with him. He came in for a cake smash, then we did some bubble bath fun! He had a ball! 

First birthdays are so special, and such a momentous occasion for both the child and the parents! You survived! You survived the sleepless nights, the crying, the postpartum pains, the teething, the learning of how to take care of this tiny little human, the teething, learning to roll over and crawl and walk! You survived it all! And you enjoyed such milestones throughout this year too! What a fun time to celebrate. The first birthday session is as much for the parents as it is for the birthday boy (or girl). A newborn session is to mark the time your family becomes just that... a family! A first birthday session is to celebrate all those things your family learned about each other throughout that time. :) 

If you have a little one about to celebrate a major milestone, or maybe you just want to update your family portraits, please contact me! I'd love to meet you! 

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Alexia | West Haven, CT Milestone Photographer | Ashley Grace Photography

Sweet, precious Alexia came to visit me in my studio in Guilford, Connecticut to celebrate her 1st birthday! She was the sweetest little thing. She reminded me so much of my daughter at her age. She was shy, and timid, but had such a personality on her! Alexia is a Daddy's girl for sure. Her poor Daddy had to dance and make silly faces for her to get her to smile. It was adorable what he would do to make his baby girl happy. 

Alexia wasn't too sure about the cake smash part of our session, but she love love loved the bubble bath part of it! She could have stayed in that tub all afternoon. She splashed, giggled, and laughed the whole time. And she sure loved those rubber duckies! 1st birthday cake smash and bubble bath sessions are some of my favorite sessions ever! These little people have such personality and are just a joy to photograph. 

If you have an important milestone coming up in your family, contact me! Whether it be a new birth, a first birthday or to update your family portraits. I'd love to meet you!

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Maddox | Guilford, CT Milestone Photographer | AG Baby Plan | Ashley Grace Photography

Maddox | Guilford, CT Milestone Photographer | AG Baby Plan | Ashley Grace Photography

I had sweet Maddox in the studio as a newborn, then again at 6 months old! It has been so fun watching this boy grow! I adore milestone sessions! 

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