Shoreline CT Child Photographer and Shoreline CT Baby Photographer

Babies grow so quickly that first year. It's truly amazing how they go from a newborn, to a giggling and chunky toddler. They have rolls, and belly laughs, and chubby cheeks! They have personalities and hit new milestones just about every week. That first year of a child's life is fleeting... why not capture it for your remember forever?



  • What ages does my child have to be? Any age at all! We have photographed a variety of ages of the past 4+ years. Whether is a milestone session, a birthday or maybe you just haven't had a good picture of your child taken in a while, we'd love to meet you for any reason!

  • What if my baby is cranky? It happens. But we will do everything we can to ensure it doesn't! Each session is scheduled around nap time, and you will be specifically asked if mornings or evenings are better for baby's mood. We know each child is different, and different times of day are better for each of them. No worries! We will also be sure to tell you to bring some snacks, clean diapers, their favorite toys, and a bottle or two... just to be sure we've covered all bases! We've worked with less-than-enthused kiddos before, and we have quite a few tricks to get them to giggle.

  • How do you get my child to smile? Well, we are those crazy types! We aren't afraid to make fools of ourselves to make a child laugh. We are know to be laying on the floor, playing trucks or blocks with little ones, putting things on our heads and sneezing them off, making duck/cow/horse/rooster noises, or singing (completely out of tune) their favorite song. We are very laid-back and we completely go with the flow of your child(ren).

  • What do I need to bring? Your baby, a few snacks, an extra bottle, and clean diapers. We have all the props/blankets/headbands and more for you to use! Have something sentimental that you'd like to incorporate? No problem! We also suggest if your child is attached to a certain toy, stuffed animal, lovie, or blanket, please bring it! That is certainly something you'll want to remember forever! We are the sentimental type over here at Ashley Grace Photography!

  • Where do sessions take place? Generally, parents choose to have younger babies come to my studio in Guilford. However, we can do your session outdoors as well! It's completely up to you! We can go to a location of your choice, or we also have suggestions of locations around the area!

Looking for Milestone sessions? Great! Join our AG Baby Plan for just $250. If you've already had a newborn session with us, you can join for just $95! Collections begin at $395. Contact us for more information! 

Ashley Grace Photography is a CT photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family photography.  We are based in Guilford, CT and serve New Haven county, Middlesex county, New London county, as well as nearby areas including CT, RI, NJ, NY, PA and MA.